Saturday, August 29, 2009 my shop.

This past week has been a bit challenging for me. My kids started back to school, which brings a deluge of paperwork, shopping, and revamped sleep/wake hours! In addition, I started working part-time. It's a temporary position; I am really just helping out a friend, but man! It makes me really feel for working moms! And most especially working SINGLE moms. Although I am not a single mom, my husband travels alot so I feel like one.

ANYWAY, all this to say I have not been able to create much :(

However, here are the latest designs. I hope to have more up in the shop later this weekend.
A Brass Bow...

Marcasite Flower, repurposed brooch necklace

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Lawrence said...

Wow. I like that Brass Bow! I'm sure my sister would love to add this to her brass collection. Since we were kids, she has been collecting and making brass pendants herself. As a matter of fact, she had ordered numerous times from several sheet brass suppliers and brass tube suppliers over the years.

Anyway, keep making fantastic designs!